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The Celebrity Criminal Docket – Former NBA player Javaris Crittendon wanted for murder.

Former Georgia Tech basketball standout and former Washington Wizard Javaris Crittendon is now wanted in Georgia for murder.  Prior to this past weekend, Crittendon’s biggest claim to infamy was an argument over a gambling debt, with Gilbert Arenas, that led to the ‘guns in the Verizon Center locker room incident‘ in 2009.  Now authorities in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and the FBI are on the hunt for the hoop star.

The victim, 23 year old Julian Jones, was shot on August 19th in Atlanta.  Reports suggest that she suffered a leg wound and died during surgery.  The story takes an even sadder twist because Jones is a mother of four young children and appears to have been an innocent bystander.  Authorities believe that Crittendon witnessed a person he suspected of robbing him months earlier walking down the street.  Crittendon allegedly fired shots from a black Chevy Tahoe, missing his intended target and fatally wounding Jones.

This case invokes an interesting legal doctrine called the felony-murder rule.  In the simplest form, this legal doctrine provides that if a homicide occurs during the commission or attempted commission of a felony, the homicide is a form of murder.  Here, the attempted murder of the suspected robber or the discharging of a firearm from a vehicle satisfy the commission or attempted commission of a felony prong.  The death of Jones satisfies the second prong.  While Crittendon is presumed innocent until proven guilty, Georgia’s felony murder statute sets the punishment for a felony murder conviction at life imprisonment or death.  So it goes without saying that once he is apprehended, Crittendon’s counsel will have a tough battle ahead.  TLODLB will track this case and posts updates as they become available.

* Attorney Bugg is admitted to practice law before the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the District of Columbia, the federal courts of the Eastern District of Virginia, and the United States Supreme Court.  This blog site is intended to give for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed as formal legal advice and should not be interpreted to create a lawyer/client relationship.